Do you frequently feel sick? – Are you constantly exhausted? – Are you hot when others are cold, or cold when everyone else is warm? – Do you have trouble thinking clearly, aka “brain fog”? – Do you find it nearly impossible to lose weight? – Do your joints swell but you don’t know why? – Do you have an overall sense of not feeling your best? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, this book is the medicine you need.
In “The Immune System Recovery Plan,” Dr. Susan Blum, one of the most sought-after experts in the field of functional medicine, shares the four-step program she developed to treat her own serious autoimmune condition and which she now uses to help countless patients revitalize their health. “The Immune System Recovery Plan” includes an interactive workbook and forty recipes for easy-to-prepare dishes that will jump-start the healing process.
“The Immune System Recovery Plan” shows how to: Use food as medicine – Reduce the harmful effects of stress – Repair your digestive system – Optimize your liver function
And how to treat a wide array of immune-related illnesses and autoimmune diseases including: Allergies – Inflammation – Frequent infections – Celiac disease -Multiple sclerosis – Lupus – Rheumatoid arthritis – Hashimoto’s thyroiditis – Graves’ disease . . . and many more


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